AddisonOaks Retrievers

Ron Huck and Robin DuPree

Addison Township, MI


We do not currently have any litters planned

We only breed for yellow and will not have black or chocolate puppies



    Our Commitment


At AddisonOaks Retrievers, we screen all of our dogs for common health issues found in the Labrador Retriever such as hip, elbow, eye, and heart problems. We try to breed  the strongest, healthiest dogs we can, free from known hereditary health issues.

 As living creatures, all dogs are all susceptible to potential health issues so it's important to understand that no matter how many clearances they do, a breeder can never know that they've produced a genetically clean dog.  Anyone in the hobby of breeding dogs for any length of time will eventually encounter a health issue in their bloodline.  A good breeder will be honest and happy to answer all of your questions and address your concerns. 


 While life offers no guarantees,  as a conscientious breeder we've chosen to offer a genetic guarantee to protect buyers from significant, life altering health issues like severe hip and elbow dysplasia and crippling eye or heart defects. We do this because we've gone to great lengths to prevent these issues in our dogs yet despite our best efforts there is always a chance that a pup will develop a problem. 

 If your pup does develop life altering hip dysplasia, goes blind from retinal dysplasia, etc., we will discuss with you the terms of a refund to help cover the cost of ongoing veterinary care. If you choose not to keep your puppy as a result of these health issues and costs, our purchase agreement includes a re-homing provision that requires the dog to be returned to us for re-homing under any circumstance including, but not limited to, health issues.   


As noted above, our sales contract includes a re-homing provision. With that, we hope to build a long term relationship with our extended family of puppy buyers and we need to be comfortable with the homes we choose to send our pups to. From the time we agree on the placement of a pup through the day that pup crosses over the rainbow bridge, we hope to build a relationship with it's owner based on mutual respect and appreciation.


Here are photos of some former residents of the AddisonOaks whelping box. 


You may notice the black marking on one little fella.  "Amos" has a color mis-mark known as a "mosaic", a yellow Lab with a black marking.


Google "color mis-marks and Labradors" and you will find that color anomaly or mis-marks such as silvers, black and tans, splash marks or brindles occur with Labradors on occasion. However, the mosaic marking is extremely rare and no one was more surprised by Amos than we were. 


We will not breed any litter with the goal of repeating this mis-mark. Amos has grown into a much loved and wonderful hunting companion and dock diving competitor but he has been nuetered and thus will not be contributing to the future of the Labrador "gene pool".

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